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Most Popular Policies of Apollo Munich Insurance

  • Optima Restore Family Floater Policy
    This plan covers an entire family of maximum four people. The policyholder can choose between one adult and three children or two adults and two children.
    Key features of Optima Restore Family Floater Policy
    • The sum assured gets doubled in 2 claim-free year
    • Sum insured is restored if gets exhausted during a policy year
    • Wide range of sum insured from Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs
    • Lifetime renewal option
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  • Apollo Munich Optima Vital
    It is a critical illness insurance plan with coverage available for 37 types of critical illnesses. Both individuals and families can opt for this plan.
    Key features of Optima Vital Policy
    • Wide coverage for 37 critical ailments
    • Sum Insured range from 1 to 50 Lakhs
    • Availability of second opinion
    • Lifetime renewal
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  • Optima Restore Individual Plan
    This plan covers an individual and restores exhausted coverage in the middle of a year.
    Key features of Optima Restore Individual Plan
    • No claim based loading
    • Lifetime renewal option
    • Restore benefit available
    • Multiplier benefit available
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  • Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater Plan
    This plan is designed to cover hospitalization and treatment expenses of multiple members of a family.
    Key features of Easy Health Family Floater Plan
    • Recovery benefit of 10,000 rupees for more than 10 days of hospitalization
    • Free health check-up of up to 5,000 rupees after completing three policy years,
    • Listed critical illnesses are covered with a lump sum of 50% to 100%.
    • Coverage available for new born baby, cost related to child birth
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Commit to be healthy with Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan

Apollo Munich Optima Vital Plan

is a health insurance policy designed specifically to cover Critical Illness and the associated expenses, up to Rs 50 lacs. In the event of any listed critical illness, this policy will shield you from the financial burden of the disorder and relieve you from the stress of spiraling medical expenses.

How Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan works?

This plan has created a new benchmark in the health industry covering 37 Critical Illness and paying the lump sum on diagnosis of the disorder or on the date of surgery for the ailment, regardless of the treatment cost. It can be acquired for 1 or 2 years and you are required to pay the premium on a regular basis, in case of a single year term or at once for a 2 year term. To put simply, this plan can be purchased over and above a Reimbursement Health Insurance Plan.


Key Features of Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

  • Offers a lump sum when the policy holder undergoes a confirmed diagnosis with a listed Critical Disorder
  • E-opinion is available when expert suggestion regarding the Critical Illness is required
  • Discount of 7.5% is given whenever you go for a 2 year policy
  • Free Healthline Service that offers health counseling, consultation and nutrition and diet
  • The benefit is received along with the benefits received by you from other health insurance polices
  • Not more than 6 people can be included in an Individual policy, out of which a maximum of 4 adults and a maximum of 5 children can be included.
  • Free Health risk Assessment to sketch a report on the health of each and every member and offer suggestions in regard to lifestyle and nutrition.
  • Any claim under this plan will be considered after the initial 90 days of the policy

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Benefits of Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan

This health policy will pay you the treatment cost for your critical illness (once it is identified), surgical procedures or medical events. On confirmed diagnosis with clear cut severity of the illness, the amount is payable. Along with this some other benefits of this plan includes:

  • All kinds of pre-existing disorders, apart from any medical condition which is excluded from the critical illness list, will be covered from the 4th year of the policy. All types of pre-existing condition should be declared at the time of taking policy.
  • After the completion of the survival period from the specific date of diagnosis, the claim will be taken into consideration for payment

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Additional Benefits of Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan

If you buy this plan, you are entitled to few other benefits, some of which includes:


The portability option of Optima Vital will offer you the golden opportunity to shift from one company’s health insurance to another, on renewal

Sum Insured Enhancement

The insured sum can only be increased during the time of renewal, considering no claims have been lodged under the plan. In case the insured enhances the sum insured, it will be subjected to medicals.

Tax Benefit

Under this plan, you can enjoy tax benefits for the premium amount only, under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act

What Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan covers?

This health plan has taken the health insurance market by a storm, by offering coverage for 37 critical illnesses, namely:

  1. 1. First Heart Attack of specified severity
  2. 2. COMA of specified severity
  3. 3. Major burns
  4. 4. Goodpasture’s Syndrome
  5. 5. Apallic Syndrome
  6. 6. Aplastic Anaemia
  7. 7. Open Chest CABG
  8. 8. Major organ or Bone Marrow Transplant
  9. 9. Aorta Graft Surgery
  10. 10. Open Heart Replacement or repair of heart valve
  11. 11. Pneumonectomy
  12. 12. Pulmonary Artery Graft Surgery
  13. 13. Permanent Paralysis of limbs
  14. 14. Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
  15. 15. Benign Brain Tumour resulting in permanent neurological symptoms
  16. 16. Cardiomyopathy
  17. 17. End stage Lung Disease
  18. 18. Brain Surgery
  19. 19. Blindness
  20. 20. Deafness
  21. 21. Total loss of speech
  22. 22. Cancer of specified severity
  23. 23. Kidney Failure requiring regular Dialysis
  24. 24. Multiple Sclerosis with persisting symptoms
  25. 25. End stage Liver Disease with specified severity
  26. 26. Systemic Lupus Erythematosis
  27. 27. Bacterial Meningitis
  28. 28. Multiple System Atrophy
  29. 29. Progressive Scleroderma
  30. 30. Primary Parkinson’s Disease
  31. 31. Alzheimer’s Disease
  32. 32. Motor neuron disease with permanent symptoms
  33. 33. Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms
  34. 34. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
  35. 35. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)
  36. 36. Major Head Trauma
  37. 37. Encephalitis

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Exclusions of Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan

  1. 1. Any type of Critical Disorder in the presence of AIDS or HIV
  2. 2. All treatment expenses, excluding the initial 90 days
  3. 3. Alcohol or drugs abuse
  4. 4. Pregnancy or maternity associated treatments
  5. 5. Hospitalization on account of act of war
  6. 6. Congenital defects, internal and external
  7. 7. Pre-existing medical conditions for the initial 4 years

Eligibility of Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan

Minimum Maximum
Coverage Amount (in Rs.) Rs. 1 Lac Rs. 50 Lacs
Policy Term (in years) 1 Year 2 years
Entry Age of Principal Insured(in years) 18 Years 65 Years
Entry Age of Child(in years) 18 Years 25 Years
Maturity Age(in years) Lifelong

How can I buy Apollo Munich Optima Vital Insurance Plan

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