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Most Popular Policies of Apollo Munich Insurance

  • Optima Restore Family Floater Policy
    This plan covers an entire family of maximum four people. The policyholder can choose between one adult and three children or two adults and two children.
    Key features of Optima Restore Family Floater Policy
    • The sum assured gets doubled in 2 claim-free year
    • Sum insured is restored if gets exhausted during a policy year
    • Wide range of sum insured from Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs
    • Lifetime renewal option
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  • Apollo Munich Optima Vital
    It is a critical illness insurance plan with coverage available for 37 types of critical illnesses. Both individuals and families can opt for this plan.
    Key features of Optima Vital Policy
    • Wide coverage for 37 critical ailments
    • Sum Insured range from 1 to 50 Lakhs
    • Availability of second opinion
    • Lifetime renewal
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  • Optima Restore Individual Plan
    This plan covers an individual and restores exhausted coverage in the middle of a year.
    Key features of Optima Restore Individual Plan
    • No claim based loading
    • Lifetime renewal option
    • Restore benefit available
    • Multiplier benefit available
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  • Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater Plan
    This plan is designed to cover hospitalization and treatment expenses of multiple members of a family.
    Key features of Easy Health Family Floater Plan
    • Recovery benefit of 10,000 rupees for more than 10 days of hospitalization
    • Free health check-up of up to 5,000 rupees after completing three policy years,
    • Listed critical illnesses are covered with a lump sum of 50% to 100%.
    • Coverage available for new born baby, cost related to child birth
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Apollo Munich Optima Restore

The market has seen a huge demand in Health Insurance in last few years. Being in the same race Apollo Munich launched a health plan and named it “Optima Restore”. Available for both family and an individual, this plan comes with a combination of unique features. Some of the key benefits of this health plan are:

1. NO SUB LIMIT IN IN-PATIENT TREATMENT: It automatically recharges your account with the Sum Insured in case you are left with null balance in your account in the middle of the policy year. The good news is you can avail this benefit without paying any extra charges.

2. MULTIPLIER BENEFIT FOR NO CLAIMS: In case you end up the year without putting forward any claims, you get a no claim bonus of 50%. So you can enjoy the facilities of hospital with a care free attitude for 50% extra. That also means that within a period of 2 consecutive claim free years you can get your sum insured doubled. It not just sounds amazing, it actually is.

3. LIFE LONG RENEWAL: It also gives you a benefit to renew your policy for your lifetime.

4. NO SUB-LIMIT ON ROOM RENT: In case you have Apollo Munich’s Optima Restore, do not worry about any charges for the room rent. So do opt for a room you like.

5. PRE AND POST HOSPITALISATION: You get a pre-hospitalization expense for 60 days and post-hospitalization of 180 days.

6. DAY CARE TREATMENT: It covers 140 day care treatments.

7. CASHLESS FACILITY: Apollo Munich provides a cashless facility across 4,000 hospitals in 800 cities.

8. ORGAN DONOR EXPENSE: It takes care of the fact that the organ donor claims are settled in the best way.

9. DOMICILIARY TREATMENT: How about an idea of getting yourself treated by an experienced doctor at your home? So here is an option for you.

10. EMERGENCY AMBULANCE EXPENSES: Claim for the ambulance expenses up to Rs 2000.

11. NO LOADING IN CASE OF CLAIMS: So even if you have put forward the claims, relax back because there is no loading in the next renewal year.

12. CLAIM SETTLEMENT: Is it not wonderful if your claims are settled before you get a re-update from the hospital regarding your bills? Well, Apollo Munich is one of the genuine companies for fastest claim settlement.

13. TAX BENEFIT u/s 80 D: Save Tax up to Rs. 15000.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Plans