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Most Popular Policies of Apollo Munich Insurance

  • Optima Restore Family Floater Policy
    This plan covers an entire family of maximum four people. The policyholder can choose between one adult and three children or two adults and two children.
    Key features of Optima Restore Family Floater Policy
    • The sum assured gets doubled in 2 claim-free year
    • Sum insured is restored if gets exhausted during a policy year
    • Wide range of sum insured from Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs
    • Lifetime renewal option
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  • Apollo Munich Optima Vital
    It is a critical illness insurance plan with coverage available for 37 types of critical illnesses. Both individuals and families can opt for this plan.
    Key features of Optima Vital Policy
    • Wide coverage for 37 critical ailments
    • Sum Insured range from 1 to 50 Lakhs
    • Availability of second opinion
    • Lifetime renewal
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  • Optima Restore Individual Plan
    This plan covers an individual and restores exhausted coverage in the middle of a year.
    Key features of Optima Restore Individual Plan
    • No claim based loading
    • Lifetime renewal option
    • Restore benefit available
    • Multiplier benefit available
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  • Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater Plan
    This plan is designed to cover hospitalization and treatment expenses of multiple members of a family.
    Key features of Easy Health Family Floater Plan
    • Recovery benefit of 10,000 rupees for more than 10 days of hospitalization
    • Free health check-up of up to 5,000 rupees after completing three policy years,
    • Listed critical illnesses are covered with a lump sum of 50% to 100%.
    • Coverage available for new born baby, cost related to child birth
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Apollo Munich Optima Restore Family Floater

Family is not an important thing, rather it’s everything. Hence, it is quite likely that the security of your family’s well-being will top your priority list. In tune with this, Apollo Munich, the renowned healthcare provider of the country, has come up with an extensive family health plan-

Apollo Munich Optima Restore Family Floater

that is no less than a boon for your kith and kin.

Apollo Munich Optima Restore Family Floater is a one-stop solution for all those looking for comprehensive health coverage for the entire family. Under this floater option, a maximum of four people can be included- 2 Adults and 2 Children or 1 Adult and 3 Children, as per your convenience. Lifelong renewability and no claim-based loading are further icing on the cake.

Restore Benefit gives it an edge

Buying this family floater policy will imply that you are on a streak since this plan restores the sum insured for the rest of the family members, in case one member depletes or exhausts the entire amount.

For a better understanding, consider a person who has exhausted a sum of Rs 6 lakh during the first year of the plan. He is soon to expect sleepless nights for the following months however, things turn around due to this policy which restores the entire sum insured. The reinstated sum insured can be used by any of the family member mentioned in the policy.

Terms and conditions

Before opting for this policy and safeguarding your family’s future, you need to abide by certain rules and check out the terms and conditions, some of them include:

  • This policy covers anyone between the ages of 5 and 65. A dependent child is covered under this policy from the 91st day, only if the parents are covered.
  • Not more than 6 members can be added to this floater policy, out of which the maximum number of adults can be 2 and children 5 in a single policy.
  • You, your spouse, dependent parents and children are qualified to purchase this cover on floater sum insured basis.

Benefits worth discussing

If you have any doubt whether opting for this policy is the best course of action for your family or not, read on the following benefits that you will be entitled to you once you give a nod to this health plan.

Benefits Coverage
In-Patient Hospitalization The medical expenses for hospitalization for more than 24 hours will be covered, excluding room rents.
Pre-Hospitalisation The medical expenses you meet with because of the illness 60 days before hospitalization
Day-Care Procedures The medical expenses for all day-care procedures, which do not require 24 hours hospitalization due to technological advancement, are covered.
Organ Donor Treatment costs for the organ donor during transplant
Emergency Ambulance Covers ambulance service expenses incurred on the way to the hospital, maximum of Rs 2000
Restore Benefit Automatic restore of the basic sum insured (only once during the policy year) if exhausted
Post-Hospitalization Medical expenses incurred for the next 180 days after discharge from the hospital
Domiciliary Treatment Covers the treatment expenses carried out at home, which otherwise would have been incurred at the hospital

Added benefits will make you buy

1. Cashless service- A Pre-authorization for all planned medical admissions minimum 48 hours before the actual admission is mandatory.

2. Multiplier Benefits and Portability- By availing this health plan you are not only entitled to a bonus of 50% of the basic sum insured for every claim free year mounting up to 100%, but you can also switch to Optima Restore family floater plan from any other company’s policy.

3. Tax benefits-With this plan you can opt for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act

Exclusions-Points to note

Certain exclusions in the policy are important to discuss before you sign the papers. Such exclusions include:

a. Except any kind of accidental injury, all treatments under 30 days of the cover

b. 2 years waiting period for certain ailments like hernia, surgery of hydrocele, cataract etc.

c. Mental disorders, cosmetic surgery or congenital diseases

d. Wrongful use of intoxicating drugs and alcohol

e. Dental treatment and pregnancy

f. After a time span of 3 years, all pre-existing conditions will be covered

g. Medical expenses for HIV or AIDS

h. Medical expenses or hospitalization due to act of war

As per insurance experts, this product meets the need of a family from head to toe and is beyond doubt worth of your penny. It is not just an investment but an asset for your family, in the long run.

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