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Most Popular Policies of Apollo Munich Insurance

  • Optima Restore Family Floater Policy
    This plan covers an entire family of maximum four people. The policyholder can choose between one adult and three children or two adults and two children.
    Key features of Optima Restore Family Floater Policy
    • The sum assured gets doubled in 2 claim-free year
    • Sum insured is restored if gets exhausted during a policy year
    • Wide range of sum insured from Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs
    • Lifetime renewal option
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  • Apollo Munich Optima Vital
    It is a critical illness insurance plan with coverage available for 37 types of critical illnesses. Both individuals and families can opt for this plan.
    Key features of Optima Vital Policy
    • Wide coverage for 37 critical ailments
    • Sum Insured range from 1 to 50 Lakhs
    • Availability of second opinion
    • Lifetime renewal
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  • Optima Restore Individual Plan
    This plan covers an individual and restores exhausted coverage in the middle of a year.
    Key features of Optima Restore Individual Plan
    • No claim based loading
    • Lifetime renewal option
    • Restore benefit available
    • Multiplier benefit available
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  • Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater Plan
    This plan is designed to cover hospitalization and treatment expenses of multiple members of a family.
    Key features of Easy Health Family Floater Plan
    • Recovery benefit of 10,000 rupees for more than 10 days of hospitalization
    • Free health check-up of up to 5,000 rupees after completing three policy years,
    • Listed critical illnesses are covered with a lump sum of 50% to 100%.
    • Coverage available for new born baby, cost related to child birth
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Secure your life with Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan is an online health insurance plan aims at offering substantial coverage against financial loss because of in-patient hospitalization of an insured person. It offers coverage on individual sum insured basis along with an add-on cover (optional) for listed Critical disorders.

How Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan works?

This plan is the first variant out of the three variants of Apollo Munich Easy Health Policy. Comprehensive coverage for medical treatment of accidents and illness that calls for in-patient hospitalization and protection from unanticipated emergency expenses can be quoted as the uniqueness of this plan.

This plan can be:

  • Bought for self, dependent parents and children, spouse, grandparents, parent-in-law and grandchildren
  • Offers a family discount of 5% if any 2 of the family members are covered
  • Offers a family discount of 10% if any 3 or more family members come under the policy
  • Maximum 6 members can be included in a single policy, out of which adults can be a maximum of 4 and children can be a maximum of 5


Key Features of Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

Some of the important features of this plan you should be acquainted with include:

  • It offers lifelong insurance, no coverage ceasing age is included in the plan
  • Absolutely free health-check up
  • You can make a buy online
  • On advance payment of 2 year premium it offers a virtuous discount of 7.5%
  • Gives a collective bonus of 10 percent for every claim-free year to a maximum limit of 50 per cent
  • Premium paid for this health plan comes under section 80D of income tax act

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Plan Benefits of Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

This plan hosts a number of benefits that is sure to influence you and make you go for it. Read on to know what you can get in exchange for your penny:

  • Cash for shared room– Under this plan, you are entitled to get a daily cash for a shared accommodation in a network hospital
  • Health Check-up- A complete health check-up that will include certain medical tests at the end of every four claim-free policy years
  • Extra Cover for Critical Illness– It is optional and includes ailments like coronary artery (bypass) surgery, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, stroke, cancer, first heart attack, major organ transplantation and paralysis.
  • Recovery Benefit– You are entitled to an amount of Rs 10000 if you are hospitalized for more than 10 days. This is applicable for sum insured Rs 1500000 and above.

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Additional Benefits of Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

In addition to the plan benefits, you are also entitled to few more that include:

1. Cashless Service-A pre-authorization is mandatory for all types of planned admission to a hospital 48 hours before the actual admittance or legalizes any emergency admission within 24 hours after the admission.
2. Portability Option– With a customer-friendly portability option, you can shift to this health plan from any other company’s health insurance plan, only during renewal
3. Sum Insured Enhancement– Under this policy, the sum insured enhances on renewal only if no claim have been paid under the plan.

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What Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan covers?


How much it covers

In- Patient Hospitalization

Expenses for hospitalization for more than 24 hours

Day-Care Procedures

Medical costs for the registered 144 day-care procedures where 24 hour hospitalization is not mandatory because of technological development

Organ Donor

Treatment expenses for the donor incurred at the time of transplant

Pre- Hospitalization

Medical costs for 60 days before hospitalization

Domiciliary treatment

Treatment expenses done at home in place of hospitalization

Post Hospitalization

Medical expenses post 90 days after release from hospital

Emergency Ambulance

Ambulance expenses incurred while reaching hospitals (max. Rs 2000)

Exclusions of Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

  • Pre-existing medical condition will be taken care of after a period of 3 years
  • Medical expenses or hospitalization due to act of war, chemical or biological weapon
  • Excluding accidental injury, all treatments within the initial 30 days of the cover
  • Drugs or alcohol abuse
  • Treatment expenses for mental disorder, congenital diseases, cosmetic surgery and weight control
  • Treatments for HIV or AIDS
  • Dental treatment and pregnancy related expenses

Eligibility of Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

Minimum Maximum
Sum Assured Rs.100,000 Rs. 5,00,000
Policy Term 1 year 2 year
Entry Age of Life Insured 91 days 65 years
Renewable till Age Lifelong
2 Years Standard Exclusion For specific diseases like cataract, hernia, hysterectomy, joint replacement etc.
Waiting Period 30 Days
Waiting Period for Pre-existing Illness After continuous renewal of 3 years

Premium for Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

Annual Premium (in Rs.)


How can I buy Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Insurance Plan

The representatives of the Apollo Munich will guide through the process of purchase. You can alos buy this plan online, just click here

You pay with taxes just

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